Friday, August 29, 2008

Veg Lorry

As said that i am the one who would find the wickedly named item in the menu and then order, my sister and her friend went to Shiv Sagar at Juhu Beach just opposite Ramada Inn (pre party fueling up). As i was waiting for them browsing through their menu glanced upon a name called Veg Lorry (who would come up with such a name) and when my sister arrived ordered one of those...

What is Veg Lorry?

Base of Tomato gravy and koftas made of Mutter (peas) and potato (Aloo). As it got to the table looked really good and surprisingly it was well made. Completed all the koftas but did not finish off the gravy. If you go to Shiv Sagar do try out their Veg Lorry!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Jack and Dinner like a Pauper
But we living such an hectic life working almost 10 hours and traveling approximately 2 hours a day. We tend to do it the other way round,

Breakfast like a Pauper, Lunch like a Jack and Dinner like a King
I also would fall in latter category if my Mom would not make something for me during breakfast.

I always like things to keep on changing and my mom knows that....what i have for breakfast

POHA - This is a maharasthrian favorite, rice with onions and turmeric makes it a perfect breakfast

UPMA - I think this dish originated in South (please correct me if wrong), if hot it is my favorite and add a red chilli paste over it makes it even better

Sandwich - Common man breakfast, add anything what you like and you are ready to go.

Cereals - Used to have it long time back but got bored of it.