Sunday, November 23, 2014

Trip to Philippines - Part 2 [Manila]

In the previous post it was all an overall information of Philippines but now comes the intricate details of the trip.

Let me start with Manila from which I had great expectations but it did not click, below you will find the details.
1. Well Manila is like Mumbai and I wanted to get out of Mumbai and after entering Manila it felt that I have entered Mumbai [I hope you are understanding all the stuff]. All in all if you want to get out of Mumbai do not enter Manila because it feels the same.
2. Traffic is crazy
3. Too many people, too many cars, too many malls.

After my frustrating evening trip to the hostel from the Airport, I thought of relaxing a lil bit the next morning and doing a chill pill. Well got bored soon and wanted to check out places and asked Ron from MNL hostel about the old Manila which has got some great things written about it. If you are a history fan this is the place to go but there are more interesting things.

As I was on a budget trip, I took the budget way of traveling over to Intramuros by Jeepney and Manila metro rail to Central Terminal and walk into Intramuros. But on the way I was swayed by the food and the love of Soft quail eggs which are fried famously called Kwek - Kwek which is dipped in Soya and vinegar sauce and cost for 5 small Kwek - Kwek is just 10 pesos. Also during the hot summer day you can try Boku [coconut water] for just 25 pesos for a big glass or Black Ice Tea for 10 pesos from any road side food.

Jeepney is like Tata Ace in small villages in India where they ply a specific road and charges are nominal. Comfortably 20 people can be seated in and max cost would be around 20 pesos it is quick but never sit near the exit as you will be taking in the most of the black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Intramuros means within the wall is the old part of Manila and for other things read up wikipedia. As for travelers there is a museum, spanish home, few more things, and 2 beautiful churches St. Augustine and Manila church. I suggest you can avoid everything other than the Church. Entry into St. Augustine church is 100 pesos and the place is so serene and quite. Sit there enjoy the great decore

Then the great Manila church where entry is free and again it is a huge church which has being build and rebuilt over and over again because it was destroyed due to earthquake and war.

Well after checking out the places in the Old Manila, time to travel to other part of the country like Boracay and El Nido.