Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hokey Pokey

I have a big big Sweet Tooth and got a suggestion of Hokey Pokey as a cool Ice Cream joint opened up in Bandra which adds fillings to the ice cream and mashes them up together and give it to you. I said WOW...checked out its website and I decided to go for one that night itself.

Reached home had dinner took my bike and went to Lokhandwala and entered this cool looking joint good sitting space and sweet smell of ice cream.

Head to the counter and there is Genre called Stone Creation which is a pre-decided mix by the management. There are around 10 of those and the chocolates ones are really good. Had the Black Forest Blend which was Vanilla Ice Cream, red cherry Preserve, chocolate brownie and chocolate fudge.

Also shakes and bubbly icebergs are there which i have yet to taste.

So if you want something different from the regular Ice cream this is the one

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One of those joints where you have to go over and over again coz there are so many things on the menu and they sound so different you wish you can have all of them.

Location: Colaba Causeway, Near Leopold Cafe.

Kaiwan and me decided to go to Paradise Restaurant near Strand Cinema which turned out to be closed till 31st July. As being in Colaba one does not fall short of options, decided to go to Piccadilly as it was at the shortest distance from Paradise.

As we entered the smile from the waiter and we head up waiting for my sister to join in, looking up and down the menu all confused to take what to have and what is good and what is not. After discussing for 10 mins and not coming up with what to have the waiter suggested Cocktail Platter and Sahan Chicken Swarma.

Cocktail Platter: It is mix of 5 kinda kebabs 3 chicken, 1 mutton and 1 Fish all which are cooked well.
Sahan Chicken Swarma: Grated chicken with french fries as filling, Pita bread, Garlic Sauce and Hummus as fillings.

After gulping down 3 pita bread filled with meat ordered Iced Tea, here they dont make with the powder but properly with Tea Leaves.

So total cost Rs. 520 which i think is affordable looking at the quality of food.

Location: York House,
Opposite Electric House,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road,
Colaba, Mumbai 400039‎


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Monday, June 22, 2009

New Martins

This is one place to go if you are really low on money but want some good non-veg food.

Location: Opposite Strand Cinema, Colaba
Timing: 12 pm to 3 pm
7 pm to 11 pm (note most of the items get over by that time)
Sunday Closed

This is a very small joint which would seat almost 20 people maximum and most of the time it is full. The place is not big on decor, just simple layout with menu card hanging on the wall (old school blackboard) which keeps on getting updated as and when items get over.
This is an authentic goan food place (as said by my Goan friend) where you get beef steaks, vindaloo and goan sausages and prices are not more than Rs. 75 each.

So if you have 1 pork vindaloo, 1 chicken vindaloo, 10 pao and 2 caramel custard bill would be around Rs. 160 which is not bad considering what you would pay for a good meal at other places.

Go hungry!!! and enjoy some delicious goan cuisine