Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sancho's Restaurante & Cantina

We had decided to go and have 1 drink from each place we go and hoping we would get place on Friday Night yes right. 

After deciding, I really wanted to go to Taco Fresco and Sanchos which I heard about and good reviews too. Well we wanted to drink so Taco Fresco was out and yes Sanchos looked really appealing. We were greeted and shown to the table. The atmosphere and ambiance was good but I did not feel like I was in a mexican restaurant thought would be more colourful but we wanted to have a good time. 

We ordered drinks Tequila Vela Cruz (Tequila, rum mix with slush), Las Cumbres (Sparkling wine cocktail) and Cartel Conversation (Creamy mix of Tequila and Vodka) all drinks costing Rs. 325 each. 

First thing which we saw in the Menu card was Chocolate Chicken Mole Taquitos which was brilliant, chicken pasted with chocolate sauce and served hot. Very tasty and melt in your mouth feeling. 

We went for Fiesta Nachos which gave you lots of sauce and 3 types of Nachos which were so different from what tasted, friend ordered just another Nachos plate with another plate of sauce. 

We ordered Sauteed Veg Burritos and Chicken Fajitas, which was devoured with glee and with special request chef made the Burritos extra spicy. 

The top of the list was the dessert which was recommended called as Tres Leches which was super amazing and we packed one for home. 

Total damage: Rs. 3500
Overall experience, pretty good. I suggest make a reservation and go during weekends which would generally be full. 

Address: Pinnacle House, Junction of P. D. Hinduja Road and 15th Road, Bandra (W), Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Phone: 67094455

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Kellogs Honey Curd Kiwi - Confusing Mix [Recipe]

Well my mom is who loves to cook and I love to eat whatever she puts in the plate except Karela.

This is one super simple stomach filling (i think healthy) breakfast or whatever time you feel like eating Confusing Mix


  1. Kellogs Corn Flakes
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Dry Fruits
  4. Honey
  5. Kiwi 
  6. Banana
  7. Curd
How To Make:
  1. Cook Kellogs in 1 table spoon Olive Oil for 4 minutes in low flame
  2. Add in 2 table spoons of Honey and keep on stirring for 2 -3 minutes in low flame
  3. Put in dry fruits to the mix and keep on cooking for another 2 minutes. You will find a sweet and crunchy feel to the Corn Flakes
  4. Take curd and beat it.
  5. Cut the Kiwi and Banana in small pieces
  6. Take a bowl put Corn Flakes mix in the bottom, put curd over it, add fruits over the curd, then curd over the fruits and top it with corn flakes again
  7. Then what eat it...

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Red Zen - Courtyard by Marriot

This was my 3rd Food Blogger meet and now looking at everyone who create super food at home, I think I should move on from cutting onions, mashing potatoes, to adding just that one thing to make food taste good to a full meal.

Rushina with Torres
Rushina of A Perfect Bite again chose a beautiful location and this time Marriot management did turn out with all their smile (and it was not fake). We met up with Big Boss of the Courtyard by Marriot and many many more who were happy to help you with your questions.

I had an amazing chat with the chef about what is the craziest thing they have cooked or eaten. The names which they said was amazing Crocodile Tail, Crows, Piegons, Grouse, Turkey (when it was not easily available in India), Ostrich, Snakes list just went on and on. I was in total awe of them. Also came to know why breads were soggy with the canapies they served and the history of it. Which is generally bread soaks up the moisture from the food and in past people had to eat on the filling. I tasted the best Zuchini, Pineapple and Cream Cheese pairing, which topped the other 3.

Then we were taken upstairs to the swimming pool where wine master Mr. Reimi gave a good fun talk of the wine and people in my table were enjoying their time. We had difficulty in choosing which was the better wine but later according to Indian Pallete the White Wine from Chardonny wins hands down in our table of four.
All the wines which we tasted were:

It was a Red setting next to the Pool
1) KUMALA (2008) (Western Cape Pinotage Shiraz) (South Africa)
A medium bodied wine with coffee, black pepper, off key tastes, hints of black fruit (wild berries)

2) KUMALA (2008) (Western Cape Chardonnay Semillion) (South Africa)
A crisp fruity wine with sweet and spicy vanilla, melon & pear flavours.

3) LAROCHE(2009) (De La Chevalière Chardonnay) (France)
A Lifted wine with aromas of Grapefruit & White Peach.

4) LAROCHE(2009) (De La Chevalière Cabernet Sauvignon) (France)
A medium bodied wine with a bouquet of red fruit with strawberry and jam.
Something to go with the wine

Cheese and Crackers (which i love to call biscuits)
Torres giving out info and people enjoying the Wine

Later, we went back to Red Zen and we were greeted with Appetizers:
Chicken Satay
Papaya salad/ Som tam (v) - It looked so good to the eye but for people who generally do not enjoy spicy food it was one which could be avoided but one had to taste it to know what awesome thing it was.
Mini spring roll (v) - Well it was Spring Rolls and Mini
Mini chicken satay - Soft and tasty perfect with a smooth drink.
Next to the Kitchen
Papaya Salad and Praws
Thai black pepper prawn  - One of the best prawns I had, everyone thought it was the Oil which gave the amazing flavor but it was the butter which the prawns were polished made them so yummy.
Man who cooked it for us

Then the main course was about to start and the smiling chef Praiwan said keep some space in your stomach as food is going to be great.

Thai coconut soup with chicken favored with galangal

The Red Zen Blogger Menu Card
Wok fried prawn with Thai yellow curry

Crisp fried fish fillet with three flavored sauce

Wok fried chicken with ginger

Thai Green curry vegetable

Thai style fried rice noodle with vegetable and roasted peanut


This was the menu but I guess with all the talking with each other everyone just enjoyed their time and no pressure on how the food tasted was it bad or good, random talks was the order of the evening.
Nikhil Giving out Moutain Jam to everyone

Thank you Marriot for great time and Rushina for organising the event. Also Nikhil for giving us the Mountain Jam.

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