Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flag - A Veg Multi Cuisine

Have being going to this place for ages, my first visit was during my college days after a movie had whole sizzler and then forgot about the place.

Family said why not try it out and i said for past 3 years we are regular infact more i guess. I say it is my family celebration restaurant coz i never get tired of eating at this joint.

Place was started by a guy who came down from States after doing his Hotel Management course and then taken over by a South Indian Management, which at first sucked coz they started serving dosa also, but later got into the groove.

The place has it all Indian Mughlai but not the regular Navratan and Kolhpure fare but something like Tiranga and other supremely tasty dishes. Don't miss on the Cheese Masala one makes in Mumbai i guess...Grated Cheese over Masala Papad super awesome.

Sizzlers, they have around 10 of these and they make them really well from the Indian style to Italian to American to Mexican to Chinese, quantity is quite good and cost way cheaper the Yokos and Kobe.

Chinese, we don't have those much except Veg Humpty Dumpty which is Manchurian and spicy french fries.

Mexican, they do have some wicked Alfredo Corn Nachos super pipping hot cheese and corn with crispy nachos do work wonders as my sister always wants one of these. Burritos and ENCHILADAS are brilliant and tasty.

Italian, did not have pasta alot but their Cheese Garlic Bread is superb and bruschetta al pomodoro is purely wicked never had anything better anywhere in Mumbai.

To end it all have Black and White, hot chocolate with brownie and ice creame.

They do also organise parties and kitties so all you veggies this is heaven for you.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fishland - Hyderabad

My first visit to Hyderabad and was high on having Chicken Biryani, after going to Osman Sagar and doing some nature walk, garden next to Hussain Sagar we decided to check out for some Biryani, friend who has being staying in Hyderabad for last 3 years.

We end up going to FishLand in Ameerpet which is on first floor and also have Special Andhra Thali in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday.

Being a Saturday, we were scared we would not get place to sit and there would be waiting luckily got seats for 3 as soon as we got in. The menu was mix of Chinese and Muglai food. So the veggie guy went for Paneer Chilly which we had a bite in, Paneer was soft and spiciness was proper. We ordered for Tangdi Kabab and Fish Tikka.

Fish Tikka was soft and could be cut by toothpick and was a bit spicy and tangy which i liked and quantity was around 8 - 9 big chunks of Fish Pieces. Tangdi Kabab was juicy but had a lil bit more pepper than intended.

As we were all full by the Starters coz of the huge quantity which i always like in a hotel, we planned to have only one Veg Dish which was Baby Corn Mushroom Masala a typical fare nothing to write about.

Service was a bit lethargic as they forgot the Masala Papad which i had ordered with the veggies and the waiters were too in a holiday mood.

But let that not deter you from going there coz food is tasty and in good quantity.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jimmy Boy - A bit boyish it was

This post is done by Kaiwan Yezdani (my foodie colleague and friend) which i have copied on my blog.

To start with, i went there on the Parsi new year. So i guess the place was a little bit crowded...

What did i eat?
Lagan nu Bhonu

What is that?
Some saria (waffles)
Laganu nu achaar
3 Rotis
1 Piece of Paatra ni Macchi OR 1 piece Saas ni macchi
1 Portion Salli murgi OR salli ghosht
1 serving chicken / mutton pulao
Lagan nu custard.

What did i drink?
Raspberry soda.

Average. Just one serving (in parsi weddings u can take as much u like and the caterers charge nearly the same.)

475 Non veg
350 Veg

The fish was good, but the salli murgi was a let down. Pulao was just OK. Nothing great. Biggest disappointment was the lagan nu custard; it was as hard as broon pao.

Maybe because the place was packed or maybe because we were 11 of us but the service was very poor. I was literally coordinating with the waiters on what needs to be served, what orders are pending, etc. The Parsi Uncle taking the orders was very soft spoken and slow at things.

For some one who is dying to have good patra ni macchi without going to a parsi wedding then this is the place.

Would i go again?
No i had enough

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thakur Omelette - Different Than Others

As we all know every Omelette wala has his own specialty and his own style, Thakur is one of these.

Located in Jawahar Nagar, near Goregaon Station in west. Just walk down 2 mins towards the temple and take a right from the garden you cannot miss it. Opens up around 7.30 pm or 8 pm this place is swamped with Gujju's and Madu's open till midnight.

So his menu consists of Ek Pe Ek, Do pe Ek, Do pe Do well i will explain you.

Ek pe Ek means Half Fry over Single Omelette. DO pe Ek means Single Fry over double Omelette. This guy serves you starts off with a huge chunk of butter and pours in the mix. After making it fluffy he has a special powder which is generously sprays over the omelette serves you with good serving of onions and his chutney.

One bite of it makes you go *ummm*

Cost of Ek pe Ek is Rs. 40 while Do pe Ek is Rs. 70 if you reach around 10 pm you will be definitely waiting.

So if at times you feel bored of eating at home this is a good change.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mocha Mojo - Old Place New Theme

Once upon a time Cafe Mocha was an hangout place for me in Bandra due to their super lazy service and not bugging attitude. So if you want to sit with a cup of coffee for hours together you can do that without anyone realizing you are there.

Now after reopening with a new name Mocha Mojo has the almost same Menu as Cafe Mocha except beer replacing Hookah but the decor has being wowed up. The place has super cool ambience which was lacking previously and the seats are uber cool with Ambassador dicky as your soft cushion seat. Walls being painted with cartoons and lighting almost perfect does not hurt the eyes much.

Food and Drinks: Did not have any during the recent visit except the good ol' Junior Chocolate Avalanche which is chocolate filled mug of Brownie, ice creame, and lots of other thing. It has still retained the same flavor. Tried the Belgium Waffle which was super Yum and melted in my mouth as i had them. Given with Maple Syrup, whipped cream and butter surely not a place for people who are on diet. As it was a hot day we tried Berry Blast which was a slush of Rassberry, Black Currant and Strawberry and also tried Currant Cooler, the glasses have being replaced with the jars and i was shocked when i saw it in a nice way.

The beer options are also good tho' did not have any.

Good place to chill out and just talk without being disturbed by waiters hanging over your shoulder

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sammy Sosa - Mexican they say

It was Rakhi on 5th August and on the 4th i was searching out for new places on near where i stay. Turns out a new place just opened up called Sammy Sosa which was a mexican joint.

Me and my sister reached there by 9 pm and luckily got a place there. It is a 2 deck place and i guess not more than 30 can be seated at a time. People can wait outside and can place orders during the waiting period.

The alcohol is quiet cheap and we got one on one offer for Whyte and Mackay Whiskey which we grabbed with both hands. The place look and feel is really cool you can play UNO while waiting for the order and the lighting is super cool. Not too dark not too bright really perfect.

As i like to try out new things in the menu we went for Charmulla Chicken which was described as chicken satay with green african herb paste. And it turned out to be really good as it went down well with the whiskey.

Second in line was some Chicken Quesadilla Fella, basically cooked chicken and stuffed between the roti and as it was taking time the owner gave us some Tortilla Chips which were really tasty and crispy.

Third one and the finale was Loco Stuffo Chicken, chicken stuffed between the potatoes and with some mexican sauce which was really tasty.

I would definitely go another time and try out something new.

VFM place

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raj Bhog - Do you have an appetite.

So it was Monday evening, just about to leave office colleague asks want to go for dinner "a veg dinner" I go "ummm, lemme think, where are you guys going?".
Colleague "we are planning to go to Raj Bhog in Khar."
Me "Unlimited Thaliwala place?"
Colleague "Yes"
Me "Ok, let me call home and say that I am going to eat out."

After an hour we reach Raj Bhog in Khar West near the station.
Complete address Raj Bhog, Cosmos Commercial Centre, 3rd Road, Near Railway Station, Khar (W), Mumbai Phone 26486196

The menu is placed outside the door, we enter a well lighted and not so spacious restaurant which has 2 floors the upper floor is smaller but i guess saturday and sunday's it will might be full. As we check the menu the plates comes in with 7 katoris.

We started by getting Tomato "Sweet" Soup, which could have being definitely be passed as just by having 2 spoons of it, I thought it would be better to wait for other options to come in.

Then after a while remaining stuff started pouring in.
1. Raj Bhog (a deep fried food with aloo filling)
2. Dhokala
3. Aloo Capsicum
4. Sweet Dal
5. Kadi
6. Spicy Dal (which was not spicy)
7. Roti or Phulka
8. Puri
9. Khichdi
10. Rice
11. Basundi (Desert)
12. One more sweet forgot the name.

So if you do like things bit sweet in your food then it is the place for you. As it was my first time i kinda had almost everything once and enjoying 3 bowls of Basundi.

So after 1 hour with our stomach full and even more, we all got tired and decided to head back home which was the most difficult task to do.

Damages: Rs. 160 per person which i think is ok if you do come here once in 6 months. All in all VFM coz it is unlimited and person with awesome appetite will surely enjoy it.