Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mainland China (Andheri) - Lunch Buffet

After ages decided to go for a Buffet on Sunday which friends said is quite good but as it turned out one friend had some work on Sunday and we decided to go on Saturday for which she could not come. Finally 2 of us decided lets go and reached Mainland China in Andheri Link Road behind Hyundai Showroom at around 2 pm. We were told to wait for few minutes just so that we can get a seat and soon we entered seeing the buffet for Saturday I was pleasantly surprised and rubbed my hands in anticipation.

Buffet Details:
Cost: Rs. 699 (inclusive of taxes)
Soup: One Veg and One Non Veg
Starters: 5 Veg and 5 Non Veg
Main Course: 5 Veg and 5 Non Veg (excluding Rice and Noodle)
Desserts: 14 Varieties
Also as complimentary you do get a Kingfisher Beer/Iced Tea/Fresh Lime Soda

The good thing is the waiters serve you the soup and the starters so that you can relax on your table, talk and eat no need to get up again and again. As we were pure non-veggies decided to go for Chicken Dumplings, Chicken Satay, Prawns Satay and one black chicken which looked like manchurian but Chicken was too hard. For veg there was Veg Dumplings, Spinach Wanton and Veg Chrispy which we tried. Sometimes the food used to come out cold and later we saw to keep them warm they kept it under a bulb (yes! brilliant idea! not)
We got ourselves a Sea Food Delight Soup which had, I think, around 5 varieties of fish in it tasted average but no complains.
After chatting a bit as we both were stuffed with the starters, walked out to get the main course which was super considering it had Fish, Shrimps, Crabs, Lobsters and Lamb with dash of Rice and Noodles everything tasted quite good and was worth it.
Dessert section was amazing which now I regret of not having it before the main course it had different kind of fruits, lots of pastries and one Chinese specialty (starts with a D) name which I currently don't remember.
So if you want to have value for money meal this place is good enough, bit noisy as the place was full but nice place.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Food At Diveagar - Suhas Bapat Khanaval

A beach located approx 200 Kms south of Mumbai on the Konkan Coast known as Diveagar which is near the Harihareshwar and Shrivardhan. Not going to talk about this place but about the food we ate, for the details of the place it will come up soon on this blog.

Reached there around 11 am after a good 5+ hours of driving our lunch was at Suhas Bapat's Khanaval which was suggested by many bloggers and locals as well. The place is located just before Marathi School and 5 minute walk from MTDC. The most important thing about these places is you cannot just land over there and order your food make sure you call atleast 2 hours before so they cook accordingly.

We reached the place at 2 pm after dipping and playing in the nice and cool water. The place is nothing much to write about and you can miss it if you drive by it. So keep on asking the locals where the place is.
The entry is a big courtyard going towards a big shade where there are tables and chairs set up and Aunties serving food to the travelers/tourist. Get yourself comfortable and sit the plates will come and aunties will start serving you the food with a smile first comes the spicy green chutney which I did not try as I know my body and tongue cannot handle it, then the salads, then salt, then Jack Fruit Vegetable which I had for the first time, then Aloo Capsicum vegetable, Poli (which is sweet roti) and Dal

Everything was top notch and felt like I was having home food, wait, yes it was home food but cooked in large quantity. And everything was unlimited and aunties served us like their own kid not making us wait for anything. I must have had around 8 polis, I think and lots of Jack Fruit Vegetable. And to top it off we had told them create the special modak which was made of maida, jaggery and coconut.

And after having so much we were so satisfied and could not walk. And now to the best part cost of the unlimited awesome thali was on Rs.  60
So if you are at Diveagar this place should not be missed and also the most important part this place is open only for LUNCH!
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Kareems Vashi - Can be avoided

Kareems is one of my favorite places to eat in Mumbai for their awesome Chicken Tandoori and other things. The best ones are in Malad and Bandra Carter Road but in this post I am not writing about either of these place but writing about one in Vashi which is in InOrbit Mall next to KFC.

Met up with a friend after a long time and had already decided to try out Kareems which was told by my colleagues which could be avoided but as we were hell bent on having Chicken Tandoori we reached there. It was Friday and around 9 PM we reached there and got ourselves a seat.

First thing we noticed was the place was dark as if we are sitting in a lounge, and the decor was similar to all Mumbai Kareems. Also the place was so short staffed that there was only one cleaning guy and 3 waiters. Dunno it has to do with recession or no one wants to work there at all.

We sat and the waiter came around to take our order after we had to call him and we ordered Chicken Tandoori and Mutton Kheema as other dishes which we wanted was not there in the kitchen (i mean pathetic!)

We had our not so succulent  Chicken Tandoori and Mutton Kheema was just Masala cooked and mutton put over it, we could taste the Elaichi, Black Pepper and some ginger but no mutton. Totally DISAPPOINTED! and the guys sitting next to us were also pissed with their butter chicken which the waiter tried to say it is cooked the way it should that time we were out.

So if you want to take someone to Kareems in Vashi better avoid it and take them to food court upstairs in Inorbit you will be much happier.

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