Monday, January 31, 2011

Crispy Roti - Recipe

A lot of times when you might have made some extra roti which you think are wasted, do not worry nothing will go waste here, coming directly from my mummy and her mummy kitchen is the thing which is known as Crispy Roti.

It was made again today

Well it is very simple, make some extra roti and do not eat them. Next day morning you maybe late for work or too bored to make breakfast and you remember about the roti left from last night. No no do not take out the achar aka pickles. Take out a deep frying pan and pour in oil, cut the roti in 4 pieces like a triangle and in hot oil fry the rotis for some time, till they become dark brown, remove them and put them over a tissue paper. And just sprinkle some salt over it.

And now you can eat them or take them to office to show off to your colleague. Try it with garlic chutney taste is awesome.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Foodie Blogger Meet 2011 - Four Seasons and Olive

This was the first Foodie Blogger Meet of 2011 organised by Rushina ( with help of UB Group who helped us in giving answers about Wine and other interesting facts. It was organised in Olive at Turf Club and it truly was a fun and interesting setting as so many of them were there who knew how to cook and that too very well while I on the other side a mini disaster when in Kitchen. 

We were told to reach at 8 pm but I reached around 8:30 PM and as previous blogger meet at Indian Harvest I was almost the last one to reach. Settled down with fellow bloggers and then we were first given a menu which had a four course Salad, Starters, Main Course and Dessert (tea and coffee at the end but who is interested in that when one has wine)

Salad: We had 2 options Smoked Salmon Salad and Wine Cured Grape and Goat cheese Salad. I was on a pure non-veg diet so ordered Smoked Salmon which was served with Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc which was chilled white wine perfect for a soft and creamy kind of food which does not lot of spices. 

Starters: Then we had option of Baked Filo - Wrapped Brie and Char Roasted Prawn again non-veg was my choice which was served with Four Seasons Viognier again a white wine. 

Main Course: There were too many options in Main course Moroccan Vegetable Tagine with Cous Couss or Chicken Shish Touk or Braised Lamb or Roasted Fillet of Beef, I went with Braised lamb which was served with Four Seasons Merlot and Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon which were red bodied wine good in their own unique way.

Dessert: Here we did not have an option but were given Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee and a Wild Berry again which was served with a cocktail with Four Seasons Blush, Cointreau, Strawberries, and sugar syrup.

The night ended with UB giving us a great bottle of wine and a smile on our face. There were lot of things we learned and few things came to know about a place which I was very interested to go to but not anymore. 

Also thanks to Pranav ( and Vinda ( for remembering the names of the dishes. Also the photos have on this have being taken from their post.  

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Laughing Cavalier - The stomach is happy but the wallet is not

Finally met up with this friend where we had decided to go Malwan Kalwan but as soon as we got on the rickshaw it stuck me as she is a foodie why not try the place which I had always wanted to go to since the time it was open called The Laughing Cavalier.

It is located inside a industrial complex and the road to the place is also not that inspiring but once you are inside you do not feel that you just had passed through the small road. Luckily for us or unluckily for us they were celebrating Italian week where the menu had only Italian Cuisine and nothing else they said that they wanted us to feel the authentic Italian food.

The menu card is a bit confusing as there are single pages which you can take out and then decide what to eat. We took almost 20 mins on what to eat and finally decided to order 3 dishes
1. Parma Ham with Melon
2. Rissoto with Chicken Sausages
3. Grilled chicken with Spaghetti

The Ham was fist to arrive it was delicious and soft and surely worth the cost. 4 pieces cooked very lightly and melon.

Rissoto was nice and creamy and veggies were cooked properly and I think sausages were imported coz it was way too pink.

The 3rd dish was pasable though nothing much to write about.

Total hit on the wallet for 3 dishes was Rs. 1500, they also have Thai, Chinese, Indian and Mexican which we might go again and try it out but till that time we were satisfied.


  • Fobez Tower, Kanchpada, 
  • Ramchandra Lane, Malad (W)
  • Mumbai
  • Landmark: Near Prime Mall
  • Phone: 28803411, 28803412, 28803413

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Anon Healthy Breakfast - New One

Today morning my Mom who is one hell of a cook (love ya!) created something which was so out of the way and I would not mind having it once a week for breakfast.

I cannot name the dish right now as it has got so many things in it but currently I name it Anon

1. Bowl full of Chrispy Corn Flakes
2. Honey
3. Dry Fruits (whatever you wish)
4. Olive Oil
5. Hung Curd
6. Kiwi Fruit (1 piece)
7. Banana (1 Piece)
8. Strawberry Crush

It is a multiple process dish:

Part 1:
Pour little Olive Oil in a pan and add Corn Flakes (depending on how much you like it) and then 1 tablespoon of Honey and cook for 2 to 3 mins. And then add dry fruits to it. And let it cool a lil bit.

Part 2:
Cut and peel the fruits (avoid the orange) we took Kiwi and Banana as they are so different and peeled and cut into very small pieces.

Part 3:
Make hung curd, add some sugar and strawberry crush and mix it very well.

Now mixing part: Put the fruit in the bottom of the bowl and spread curd mix over it and top it off with cooked corn flakes. And enjoy.

You shall get the crunchy sweet flavor of the corn flakes, sweetness of curd with strawberry and raw feeling of the fruits. Sorry the photo is not there coz I forgot to click one when I was helping mom cooking it.
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Friday, January 7, 2011

Martins Corner - South Goa

This new year was my first visit to Goa and after celebrating New Years on beach and sleeping early (read: passing out) next day luckily there was no hangover. And the only person who has being to Goa told us that we should go to Martins Corner as it has the best food in Goa (we could not argue on that because we have not eaten at any place in Goa)

So after driving down the small lanes towards our first New Years Lunch we reach Martins Corner which already seemed packed but luckily for 3 of us we got a table as soon as we entered. Well, later we came to know that the person who has suggested about the place does not like Goan Food o_O

We sat down and proceeded with ordering drinks first and for me I go for things which I have not tasted are ordered first. I ordered Coco Loco which is mix of Coconut Milk, Cream, Fenny and Rum. It was strong but was not that chilled.

Then we started off with Papad Prawns and it was something like Spring Rolls but way much better. The papad was fried with prawns in it.

Later which caught our eye was Shark Curry and Ox Tongue Roasted and we ended up ordering Ox Tongue Roasted which was very savory and was cooked properly. It was in the main menu section but one can order it as a starter.

Always suggested do not order anything other than the Goan Food here as for other cuisine you shall get it anywhere. Then for main course we went for Pork Vindaloo with Pav and Garlic Naan (yes the person who does not like goan food ordered that)

And to top it off we finished the whole course with a Chocolate cake with vanilla cream which was super awesome.

This is the place where you should never be in hurry, well who is in hurry when they are in Goa and try to reach before 3 PM for lunch as they close the doors and do not let anyone enter.

Address: Martins Corner
Binwadoo, Betalbatim, Salcette,
Phone: 0832 2880413