Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angels in My Kitchen - Some were missing that day

After a good dinner in Sagar Ratna, we ended up going to Angels in my Kitchen with reference of Deepak Sharma. The bakery is on ground floor and a food joint is upstairs. We went there only for desserts and we had that...the place had lot of bread stuff, french hearts, mousse, cakes and pastries.

We ordered Going Nut, Chocolate Envision, Blueberry Cheese Cake and Tiramisu.

1. Going Nut: It is a chocolate pastry with lots of nuts inside and outside of it, if you go by the name but there were few of them and it had not so sweet taste. The icing inside was nice.
2. Chocolate Envision: The cake looked like a dutch truffle from outside and had some white chocolate bits over it. Overall it was not the best but decent enough.
3. Blueberry Cheese Cake: Came in a plastic cup, saw something like this for the first time and the blueberry was not sweet but sour. Destroyed the whole amazing feel to it.
4. Tiramisu: No one can ever go wrong with a Tiramisu but for the first time i tasted a bitter and yellow coloured Tiramisu...if you have an option you can avoid it.

I must have gone on a wrong day where nothing was that great...maybe next time somewhere else.

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Sagar Ratna - Something missing.

I have being coming to Gurgaon and staying on and off for atleast 2 weeks at a time but never went beyond CP, Chandni Chowk and Khan Market to have a grub whenever I visit Delhi, well you will ask why? here it is, I have no freaking idea how to travel and find other places and luckily for me Deepak Sharma @intellectassests on twitter invited me for dinner in Delhi which I could not say no to.
So this is how my journey began, took a metro from HUDA Center in Gurgaon to Qutub and then walked up to Lado Sarai met up with him, chatted for a while and then decided to go for dinner and he said few names for me which were heard for the first time, as it was Monday and some Somwar was happening we decided on going to Defense Colony aka "Def Col" called by Delhites.
Walking into the food heaven court we walked down to Sagar Ratna which is a big hit amongst Delhi people and fully excited we enter in. Looked at the menu which had the regular fare of south indian dishes and my eyes came upon a fixed thali which had Poori, Pickle, Rasam, 3 Veggies, Raita, Curd, Rice and Sambhar for Rs. 140 which I must say was decent. And my friend ordered a Mysore Masala Dosa which was basically just Masala Dosa with red chutney in it.
Ok let me talk about my food, the order came within 5 mins and I was all ready to eat it up. The 4 pooris just got over as soon as it started so did the veggies with it. Rasam was delicious. Then came the rice and sambhar which was just OK. What the problem was it left me wanting for more but we had to have some desserts so I avoided to order more.
But I must say all the people who came there were enjoying it very much but again for me it was pretty OK.
Ohh! and a special mention to the green chutney which they give it is spoon licking good

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vapour - Microbrewery

Vapourise yourself
With 20% discount coupon in our hand we end up going to Vapour a Microbrewery in Gurgaon MGF Mall. As we reach the door we are said by the receptionist that the place is full and clearly I can see 10 tables empty....when asked they said people are expected and you should have a reservation. As only 2 were there we were allowed to go to the rooftop
For me that was the only bad experience and after that it went uphill.....the brewery has 4 kinds of Beer Premium, Dark, Wheat and Light.
Premium was Good, Wheat tasted like a todi (drink made from coconut) and Dark which was really Good. Well light was not available. The beer cost was Rs. 185 for 500 ml without taxes.
If you like Hindi and Punjabi music do go in party room and if you like good ol rock music go to the rooftop.
They also have hookahs and bbq's which are basically ok and service is quite good.
After good 4 hours of music, beer and hookah I was pretty impressed and yes the girls are really hot.
Vapour, 2nd floor, MGF Mega City mall, Gurgaon
Mobile number: 9810690973,9582555614.
Tel number: 0124-4222313
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wengers - The Pastry Shop

Located in the heart of Delhi aka CP aka Connaught Place this place was recommended by many of our Delhi friends and being a Sunday we walked into Wengers, the place is a typical bakery which on your left are sandwiches, croissants, rolls etc. On your right will be pastries, swiss rolls, chocolates and cakes.

We were said that Prawns Sandwich should be tried and we got the last piece left on the shelve at 7 pm. Well the taste was ok and we did not get any main flavors of Prawns and it being cold due to mayo sauce did not auger well that much.

Then we tried the Lemon Swiss roll and english donut, Swiss roll was ok really ok which we had to leave it half way and english donut was good with filling of jam in it.

It is one place worth a try, we might go another time and try out few other items.

Wenger & Co.
A-16, Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110001
Tel - 2332-4594 / 4403 / 4373
Fax - 23352142