Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gostana - Slurrpy Burgers

Hidden away in a quaint lane opposite Bagel Shop run by Aparna this place has the most awesomest burgers I have ever had for a long time...I used to slurrp on Hersheys burgers once upon a time. But these are super big burgers and light on your stomach you wont feel exhausted after having them.

Seats only around 16 max this place has Chess, UNO, Scrabble if you are in a group of 4 and you can enjoy your time while waiting for the burgers.

We had Chicken Gostana burger and Ginger Burger which cost Rs. 140 each with Wheat bread and you can also order multigrain bread (how cool is that). They do have Lamb and Fish burgers which were over for the day.

Like Subway they have Burger of the day which cost Rs. 75 and it is a super time i am going to try the Chicken Salad which looked awesome.

Go for it...right opposite Bagel Shop
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Alps - Beer and Sizzler and Talks

Hidden away from the high flying places such as Bade Miyan, Gokul, Cafe Mondegar and Cafe Leopold in Colaba there is Alps...I would not say rising high above all else but this is a small quaint place tucked away in a corner...walk in the road from leopold till the end where you see a small board Alps Beer.

Well this is not the regular beer joint it has become famous for its Sizzlers and Beer combination. Though once upon a time it was one of the best around but recently the popularity has being dwindling.

Went there after a very very long time and ordered a pitcher and Chicken Steak Sizzler which now cost Rs. 200 (minimum for any chicken stuff) and what I got was simply far below my was just 2 massive pieces of rubbery chicken put on top of Spagetti and big pieces of Potatoes.

Ambiance is still the same over the years and you can listen to some old hip hop and at times backstreet boys music.

Beer cost is resonalbe, Pints for 100 bucks and Glass of King Fisher for 60 bucks which is ok. So if you just want to talk over a beer with not many people around this is the place or else now better to be avoided.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Recipe: Universal Dip - One Dip Many Flavors

Well this is again from my Healthy cooking Chef, Srushti an Universal Dip.

This is the bestest Dip that I have ever tried. And since I made it the first time, I have tried loads of versions and this is now a standard in my home…

Finely chopped Garlic
Finely chopped Spring Onions
Freshly ground pepper
Finely chopped capsicum/carrot/cucumber

You need to take a muslin cloth and hang curd over night over a bowl. If you are wondering what a muslin cloth try using a gents handkerchief it will solve the purpose. Now if u are making this in the morning hang the curd for at least 5 hours before u start with the dip. Now whip this hung curd so it gives a creamy texture. Add the garlic, spring onions, salt, pepper and parsley to this and mix. Your Universal dip is ready.

If you are health conscious you can use this dip for parties and serve with carrots and cucumber or if u are not so health conscious you could serve this with French fries and chips. You could add some fresh chopped mint to the dip and also have it with pakodas.

You could also add finely chopped capsicum/carrot/cucumber and use this same dip as a sandwich spread or a paratha topping.
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