Monday, June 22, 2009

New Martins

This is one place to go if you are really low on money but want some good non-veg food.

Location: Opposite Strand Cinema, Colaba
Timing: 12 pm to 3 pm
7 pm to 11 pm (note most of the items get over by that time)
Sunday Closed

This is a very small joint which would seat almost 20 people maximum and most of the time it is full. The place is not big on decor, just simple layout with menu card hanging on the wall (old school blackboard) which keeps on getting updated as and when items get over.
This is an authentic goan food place (as said by my Goan friend) where you get beef steaks, vindaloo and goan sausages and prices are not more than Rs. 75 each.

So if you have 1 pork vindaloo, 1 chicken vindaloo, 10 pao and 2 caramel custard bill would be around Rs. 160 which is not bad considering what you would pay for a good meal at other places.

Go hungry!!! and enjoy some delicious goan cuisine

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