Monday, February 8, 2010

Temple Flower - Did not see a single Flower!

 After an early evening walk in Juhu beach, we were planning to go to Bandra for some dinner and on the way to collect my bike, my friend saw this place Temple Flower and we were thinking of Chinese so without hesitation we entered in at around 7:30 pm. First one in the Air Condition section we seated next to the door as the upper section was not yet open.

Basically it is a Thai and Chinese place but serves you almost everything from all Asian Fare, Indian Fare and Italian fare from the Alfredo Kitchen.

The place seem to be under-staffed as there were times when we were ready to order but no one around to take the orders. And there were only few customers only....

We ordered Crab and Shark Fin Soup, Yokitura and Chicken Dumplings for our starters. Which were fine and we really liked the Yokitura which had a sweet flavoring to it.

Later after some discussion we decided to order a Salad, forgot the name because it was surely forgettable...had Tofu, Potatoes, Carrots and warm Peanut Sauce.

Overall cost Rs. 700 and overall time was 1:15 mins. So if you really are in no hurry and want some privacy this is the is OK..distance between 2 tables is good enough (where the bar is).

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