Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kareems Vashi - Can be avoided

Kareems is one of my favorite places to eat in Mumbai for their awesome Chicken Tandoori and other things. The best ones are in Malad and Bandra Carter Road but in this post I am not writing about either of these place but writing about one in Vashi which is in InOrbit Mall next to KFC.

Met up with a friend after a long time and had already decided to try out Kareems which was told by my colleagues which could be avoided but as we were hell bent on having Chicken Tandoori we reached there. It was Friday and around 9 PM we reached there and got ourselves a seat.

First thing we noticed was the place was dark as if we are sitting in a lounge, and the decor was similar to all Mumbai Kareems. Also the place was so short staffed that there was only one cleaning guy and 3 waiters. Dunno it has to do with recession or no one wants to work there at all.

We sat and the waiter came around to take our order after we had to call him and we ordered Chicken Tandoori and Mutton Kheema as other dishes which we wanted was not there in the kitchen (i mean pathetic!)

We had our not so succulent  Chicken Tandoori and Mutton Kheema was just Masala cooked and mutton put over it, we could taste the Elaichi, Black Pepper and some ginger but no mutton. Totally DISAPPOINTED! and the guys sitting next to us were also pissed with their butter chicken which the waiter tried to say it is cooked the way it should that time we were out.

So if you want to take someone to Kareems in Vashi better avoid it and take them to food court upstairs in Inorbit you will be much happier.

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Purnima said...

I myself blogged about it here:

Anirban Choudhury said...

agreed. I tried Biriyani and it was horrible.

Anonymous said...

dont ever eat in karims restaurent in ground floor inorbit. third class food. rate is not written in menu. rate 2.5 times of other restaurents. we paid 250/- for chicken dum biryani - 1 plate and only 2-3 small piece of chicken was there. no spices. biryani looking like pulav. after eating we all three person were feeling vomit in night. my mother vomited.

Anonymous said...

Service at Kareem's Vashi is 3rd enter the restaurant and till u ask for soemthing more than once none will serve you even a glass of water..i would never recommend anyone to go there...Food is overpriced..