Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sancho's Restaurante & Cantina

We had decided to go and have 1 drink from each place we go and hoping we would get place on Friday Night yes right. 

After deciding, I really wanted to go to Taco Fresco and Sanchos which I heard about and good reviews too. Well we wanted to drink so Taco Fresco was out and yes Sanchos looked really appealing. We were greeted and shown to the table. The atmosphere and ambiance was good but I did not feel like I was in a mexican restaurant thought would be more colourful but we wanted to have a good time. 

We ordered drinks Tequila Vela Cruz (Tequila, rum mix with slush), Las Cumbres (Sparkling wine cocktail) and Cartel Conversation (Creamy mix of Tequila and Vodka) all drinks costing Rs. 325 each. 

First thing which we saw in the Menu card was Chocolate Chicken Mole Taquitos which was brilliant, chicken pasted with chocolate sauce and served hot. Very tasty and melt in your mouth feeling. 

We went for Fiesta Nachos which gave you lots of sauce and 3 types of Nachos which were so different from what tasted, friend ordered just another Nachos plate with another plate of sauce. 

We ordered Sauteed Veg Burritos and Chicken Fajitas, which was devoured with glee and with special request chef made the Burritos extra spicy. 

The top of the list was the dessert which was recommended called as Tres Leches which was super amazing and we packed one for home. 

Total damage: Rs. 3500
Overall experience, pretty good. I suggest make a reservation and go during weekends which would generally be full. 

Address: Pinnacle House, Junction of P. D. Hinduja Road and 15th Road, Bandra (W), Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Phone: 67094455

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