Thursday, September 17, 2009

Suryavanshi Paan Bandar - A Paan for everyday

Located in Malad West S.V. Road for ages opposite Bajaj Hall, this Paan eating place is famous for its different style of Paan and the person who owns it, who is an eccentric fellow.

I used to go to his place at times but not that frequently, during Ganesh Chaturti after having meal, friends decided for some paan and we ended up at Suryavanshi.

As I am a fan of sweet paan ordered one but was super surprised when he sliced some flavored ice on the paan and they tasted super giving you a small brain freeze. Later we came to know he serves Chocolate Paan by that time we were 2 paans down.

Yesterday, with my paan fan sister we went again to have Chocolate Masala Paan, with the layering of ice the paan taste brilliant and also does not leave a leave that chocolaty taste for long. We then tried he Chutney and I think he had around 10 different flavors of them, Blackcurrant, rose, Kachi Keri, strawberry, pineapple, etc etc.

What is Chutney? Chutney is a sweet flavored masala put to give taste to paan.

So if you do want to try a different Paan try Suryavanshi Chocolate Paan only for Rs. 15

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