Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Paradise - Heavenly Food

Fifth Day of Ganesh Chaturti me and my friend Kaiwan decided on going to eat somewhere out as we left late from office. After contemplating of 100 of places we decided going to Paradise. Located near Strand Cinema if you walk/drive by too fast you will miss it.

We enter to an empty restaurant due to the fact that it was Visarjan day and people were scared to move out, place has some really awesome painting on the walls about Adam and Eve which we were laughing our ass out.

We started by ordering the Chicken Lolly which is a potato based and chicken filled inside it. Top it with a yellow mayo which you wont get anywhere else was super tasty. We had Roghan Chicken with it, the taste was like one made at home.

Then round 2 started where we had Chicken Cheese Roll, they did not mind putting a super hell lot of cheese in the food and we were happy a lot. Thinking we could have more we ordered Chicken Dhanshak and Chicken Pattie. We had so much we could barely walk and the total bill was Rs. 770 only without tax (management is going to introduce VAT from this week)

Sindh Chambers
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Near Strand Cinema
Colaba, Mumbai
Phone 22832874, 66352714, 22855629

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