Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gostana - Slurrpy Burgers

Hidden away in a quaint lane opposite Bagel Shop run by Aparna this place has the most awesomest burgers I have ever had for a long time...I used to slurrp on Hersheys burgers once upon a time. But these are super big burgers and light on your stomach you wont feel exhausted after having them.

Seats only around 16 max this place has Chess, UNO, Scrabble if you are in a group of 4 and you can enjoy your time while waiting for the burgers.

We had Chicken Gostana burger and Ginger Burger which cost Rs. 140 each with Wheat bread and you can also order multigrain bread (how cool is that). They do have Lamb and Fish burgers which were over for the day.

Like Subway they have Burger of the day which cost Rs. 75 and it is a super time i am going to try the Chicken Salad which looked awesome.

Go for it...right opposite Bagel Shop
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my spot. I LOVE indian food. Ill be back to your blog for sure.