Monday, March 1, 2010

Thai Ban - It should be called Thai Banned!!

I would say one of the most suckiest food eating moment was at Thai Ban in Bandra next to Papa Pancho in Pali Naka. I would say one of the places you can definitely avoid in Mumbai. Well there are few reasons to it,
Service: Sucks, even if they see empty Ice Tea glasses on the table they leave it there.
Food: mmmm only other than Phad Rice and Thai Yellow Curry which looked like Kadhi nothing is worth mentioning. I had the most worst Cheese cake ever in my life it felt like i was having a Blackberry Yogurt.
Cost: I would say only saving factor, fine by what quantity they serve.

This would be one place you should go at your own risk.
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G2 said...

hehe! gr8 review...however I had liked the place both the times I have been there..probably as my cousin knows the owner very well he must have extended us good service :) ... but good to finally find some1 who blogs about food..I am restarting mine too..thanks to @Sashg on twitter.. you can read my reviews on ... lets dine out sometime together!

Anonymous said...

Oh have been planning to go here sometime but your review now gives me second thoughts.. Do not mind bad service to a certain extent, but the food has to be good and from the looks of it, it is not so much!