Saturday, March 20, 2010

Food in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is said to be the most cosmopolitan city where people from lot of countries other than Israel have settled down and then thrown their own culture in and mixed it with food.

Just returned back from Tel Aviv and as said in the first para there is a super variety of food thrown in from lots of different cultures.

There is a thing said about Israeli culture, food has to be given in abundance and if you give less food to your guest it is said that you are cheap. So go for a lunch or a dinner (i am really sad that i missed out on some big Israeli breakfast) you will get food in such big bowls and plates and quantity enough for 2 to finish and cost i would say around $12 or Shekels 50 would be an average in a good restaurant.

Sea food and meat are bit expensive but fruits are so tasty, grown organically.

So aint giving you any tip on what to eat and what not to eat in Tel Aviv, just go to the restaurant and order what you feel like having. And also for veggies do not worry, they do have lots of option and you will not go hungry.
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