Monday, January 31, 2011

Crispy Roti - Recipe

A lot of times when you might have made some extra roti which you think are wasted, do not worry nothing will go waste here, coming directly from my mummy and her mummy kitchen is the thing which is known as Crispy Roti.

It was made again today

Well it is very simple, make some extra roti and do not eat them. Next day morning you maybe late for work or too bored to make breakfast and you remember about the roti left from last night. No no do not take out the achar aka pickles. Take out a deep frying pan and pour in oil, cut the roti in 4 pieces like a triangle and in hot oil fry the rotis for some time, till they become dark brown, remove them and put them over a tissue paper. And just sprinkle some salt over it.

And now you can eat them or take them to office to show off to your colleague. Try it with garlic chutney taste is awesome.

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Anonymous said...

the left roti you keep it in the fridge or you leave it outside till morning ??

yes said...

do you keep the roti in the fridge or you keep it out till morning ??