Monday, January 17, 2011

The Laughing Cavalier - The stomach is happy but the wallet is not

Finally met up with this friend where we had decided to go Malwan Kalwan but as soon as we got on the rickshaw it stuck me as she is a foodie why not try the place which I had always wanted to go to since the time it was open called The Laughing Cavalier.

It is located inside a industrial complex and the road to the place is also not that inspiring but once you are inside you do not feel that you just had passed through the small road. Luckily for us or unluckily for us they were celebrating Italian week where the menu had only Italian Cuisine and nothing else they said that they wanted us to feel the authentic Italian food.

The menu card is a bit confusing as there are single pages which you can take out and then decide what to eat. We took almost 20 mins on what to eat and finally decided to order 3 dishes
1. Parma Ham with Melon
2. Rissoto with Chicken Sausages
3. Grilled chicken with Spaghetti

The Ham was fist to arrive it was delicious and soft and surely worth the cost. 4 pieces cooked very lightly and melon.

Rissoto was nice and creamy and veggies were cooked properly and I think sausages were imported coz it was way too pink.

The 3rd dish was pasable though nothing much to write about.

Total hit on the wallet for 3 dishes was Rs. 1500, they also have Thai, Chinese, Indian and Mexican which we might go again and try it out but till that time we were satisfied.


  • Fobez Tower, Kanchpada, 
  • Ramchandra Lane, Malad (W)
  • Mumbai
  • Landmark: Near Prime Mall
  • Phone: 28803411, 28803412, 28803413

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