Monday, September 17, 2012

The Little Door - With a Big Heart

Tucked away in a lane next to Maruti Showroom in Andheri West Linking road, this place you cannot miss as you see a prominent blue colour door on your left.

It was 14th September and it was a birthday treat, we all had planned it quite a few days in advance as it was a new and suggested place. Friday night we thought the earlier the better as it would get crowded and it did but not as much. We reached the place around 9ish pm and got ourselves a round table which the management says is for 8 but it is quite good for 7 people.

The decor: As the blue door opens you see a big place with white walls and tables well spaced out which you would not hear the conversation from the other table. You can either sit indoors (air con and if you want to dance) or outdoors both are equally good.

The Ambience: It has got a cool young feel where there are no jing bang lighting just basic white lights.
Inside can be a bit noisy if you just wanna chill but if you are there to dance go inside.

Food: This is the important part, we had ordered. As we were divided into 2 groups one veg group and another non - veg group (of course)
Started off with Rissotto balls with red sauce (best of the lot) and grilled chicken.
Then ordered: Sigaro (almost like spring roll but lots of cheese) and Steamed basa (nice and hot with spicy green sauce)
Third round was: Spanish Wings (they were cold and can be avoided) and Nachos

Drinks: They do have some pretty neat glasses for their cocktails and the best of the lot were Snappes, Faking Sober and Zeus (which came in a coconut) 

Oh! also at times they have the beer chug competition free beer glass if you take part in competition who drinks the fastest beer.

If you are a group then it is a must go...and also heard about their buffet which is good.   

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