Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye Bye 2013 Welcome 2014

Well, one does not need any specific date to start something new but every year almost everyone starts or resolves to do something new from the 1st of January which technically starts from 2nd January as everyone is sleeping on the 1st day of the new year and here we are on the 365th day of 2013 where I wake up at 4 am to write this blog and decide I shall start what I had stopped: going to new restaurants, eating great food and write about them.

For last 5 months there has being a massive change in my diet [well, I am not dieting rather I would Die Eating] which is I have turned vegetarian and also have avoided alcohol. Which I intend to keep till 31st December and maybe even continue in 2014.

As due to the lack of meat in the diet, I had stopped going to restaurant or there was a lack of interest to write about them but then in past 5 months found out some really good places, which serve awesome veg food with just a small twist and from being the regular joint it changes to being that awesome place where I would suggest people to go.

Few are the places which I suggest every veg, who do not like to go to places which serve meat:
1. Banana Leaf - This place is there for years but had avoided it coz it had only Veg but I was so wrong. This place has changed I have looked at Idli, with the variety of Masala's and gravy which they serve this is a place to go.

2. Quattro: A small door leads to big ideas of food opposite Pheonix Mills, and this is the place which is suggested by every food lover. LOVE FOOD!!! GO HERE!!!

3. Falafel's: There are multiple joints of this great middle eastern food. Sometime you would get something bad and at times really good but the important part is try it out. Lot of people are scared and do not try it because they do not know the taste but what the heck. Go and try a pita pocket and enjoy.

4. Panchvati Gaurav/Village/Chowki Dani: NOTE NOTE!!! If you have a good, I mean verrry good appetite do go here. For people who are happy with just 2 Rotis and little bit of Chawal please do not waste money by going here, you are not going to Enjoy it.

5. Chains of Restaurant: With the growth of Mall and the Mall crowd some old school places have opened up everywhere but I still suggest to go and try out the originals such as Bhagat Tarachand and Rajdhani near Crawford market and you shall not be disappointed.

Also, would be updating on the new places which will have non-veg too as I do will be going out with my friends.

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