Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Grand Hometel - New Year Party Review

There are only 4 reasons why we select a place to party for New Year and this New Year was NO DIFFERENT
Following are the pointers:
1. Friends - Without them you cannot go out
2. Location - Where is the place located but with awesome buddies that at times is secondary
3. Food - This is important factor, you do want to be stuck at a place at 4 am with 'bhooka pet' [Empty Stomach]
4. Drinks - This is very debatable topic as some drink some don't, so unlimited alcohol for non drinkers do not make sense.

So after deliberating and discussion on whatsapp group chat the final decision was taken on Grand Hometel in Malad West [Mindspace] and everyone was OK with it because the place was nearby [5 mins in Rick] and this place management told us great things about food and drinks part. So booking done at INR 2K stag and INR 3.5K couples.

Fast forward to 31st December and we all plan to meet at the Panaroma Banquet Hall on the 10th Floor of the Grand Hometel. Everyone assembled by 9:30 pm and then started the good and bad part, lemme first start with the Good Part and my favorite one too FOOOOODDD!! Grand Hometel has being known for its good food and it really did not disappoint us. Following were the starters Veg Spring Roll, Cheese Balls, Crispy Veg, Paneer Tikka, Dum Aloo and Mumbai Chaats. For Non Veggies - 3 Chicken starters, 1 Fish starters and Keema Pav. I would like to give the hotel management the thumbs-up for putting up mobile counter where food comes to you. I would like to mention that except the Dum Aloo and Crispy Veg everything was.

Now the Bad Part - Without the music the place however good it is will suck on New Years Eve and the Event organizers had got some kids who loved EDM and Dubstep, well we do like EDM but not we can dance for hours on it. Also the arrogance of the DJ was appalling where he said "We do not have Bollywood music, those who want to boo us can go and drink outside" which kinda pissed us and luckily for us there was another 31st party on ground floor where the DJ played the music everyone has heard about.

Now going to the Good part again, the main course was a huge buffet and not the regular 31st party kinda buffet with Rice, Dal, Chicken Gravy and Roti no but here it was 5 salads, 2 kinds of Rice, Dal, 4 Veggies, 2 Chinese Gravy and 1 Burnt Garlic Rice, Fish curry, chicken curry and Chicken Biryani which lots of people missed out on due to extra drinks the system could not handle.

Ohh but there was dessert and it was amazing seeing 8 different kinds of them. The best was caramel custard.

Well to Hometel Management, good party and good food except for the 10th floor DJ I would have given it 8 star but sorry 6 star out of 10 for you.


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