Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flag - A Veg Multi Cuisine

Have being going to this place for ages, my first visit was during my college days after a movie had whole sizzler and then forgot about the place.

Family said why not try it out and i said for past 3 years we are regular infact more i guess. I say it is my family celebration restaurant coz i never get tired of eating at this joint.

Place was started by a guy who came down from States after doing his Hotel Management course and then taken over by a South Indian Management, which at first sucked coz they started serving dosa also, but later got into the groove.

The place has it all Indian Mughlai but not the regular Navratan and Kolhpure fare but something like Tiranga and other supremely tasty dishes. Don't miss on the Cheese Masala one makes in Mumbai i guess...Grated Cheese over Masala Papad super awesome.

Sizzlers, they have around 10 of these and they make them really well from the Indian style to Italian to American to Mexican to Chinese, quantity is quite good and cost way cheaper the Yokos and Kobe.

Chinese, we don't have those much except Veg Humpty Dumpty which is Manchurian and spicy french fries.

Mexican, they do have some wicked Alfredo Corn Nachos super pipping hot cheese and corn with crispy nachos do work wonders as my sister always wants one of these. Burritos and ENCHILADAS are brilliant and tasty.

Italian, did not have pasta alot but their Cheese Garlic Bread is superb and bruschetta al pomodoro is purely wicked never had anything better anywhere in Mumbai.

To end it all have Black and White, hot chocolate with brownie and ice creame.

They do also organise parties and kitties so all you veggies this is heaven for you.

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