Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Mirchi - Not so Spicy

It's Mirchi, rooftop restaurant of Ramee International (Juhu - Mumbai) is one of the places including Barbeque Nation in Bandra in which food is barbequed on your table. But the actual thing is, it is already hot and put on over a burning coal.

My cousin coming over and staying in Novotel, wanted to go someplace near we decided to go to It's Mirchi after lot of discussion. Located on the rooftop but it is an air conditioned rooftop so you won''t get any breeze from the sea. The seatings are like diwan style low and comfortable while there are few regular ones also.

Waiter comes in with the menu card of the day and how and what they will be serving to the table. One bad thing of the whole 5 Star Hotel is that they give you borewell water not the regular Mumbai ka pani one but the one which you get in the villages which has that different taste. How can a big hotel like that serve you such water I mean what..ok let me get back to what actually blog is here for Food...

Prawns, Chicken, Paneer comes in the skewers and we get Sheekh Kabab and Surmai Fish served by the waiter. Well the first 3 things were ok not that great but remaining two was cold which was duly replaced after we complained about it.

There are Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Roti and Curries of Fish, Prawns and veg have live counters which are decent but the staff one number less as one has to wait once the place gets full. Ohh there are also Jalebis also whipped on demand..that is a uber cool feature.

Food was 2 Soup, 2 Non Veg, 4 veggies and 4 Deserts nothing to write about the regular basic stuff.

Yes they do serve alcohol..timing are from 7.30 pm to Midnight but until and unless you don't drink alcohol you won't stay more than 1.5 hours.

Cost is Rs. 435 exclusive of taxes which is ok enough for the food they serve.
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