Friday, January 22, 2010

Bhagat Tarachand - Not to be missed! Never!

Was there in 2007 with a friend in October celebrating our birthday together by hopping around the city and our last destination was Bhagat Tarachand for food and that was my first time. Zoom ahead to year 2010 going out with a pure veggie alcohol drinking couple and my motive is to find the best veg eating joint for them and for me also.

After coordinating we decide to meet around 1 pm near Bhadshad Falooda but their taxi wala such a good person took them through a shorter route from Flora Fountain and drop them at MumbaDevi Mandir. While after having a chilled Falooda we walk towards Mumbadevi through Zaveri bazaar.

Note: There are almost 7 Bhagat Tarachand but the one which comes first after Zaveri Bazaar on the right hand side and you have to walk up a floor to reach the hotel. I am sure you will miss it once...

Weekend as it was we waited for 20 mins while the jovial manager was taking down notes on who and where  one should is funny if you just observe his talking style and at times he cracks you up also.

Looking at the menu is very confusing and very different from other Mumbai Restaurant. So instead of you searching randomly I will say you what to have coz we had the same things and we were not disappointed at all.
- Papad Churi - Regular papad crushed and cooked in oil with onions and spices. Super amazing.
- Kutchi Beer aka Chaas aka Butter Milk - One of its kind served in a beer bottle and super duper tasty. Thick with hint of masala but no pieces of masala. (we had 2 bottles)
- Hara Bhara kabab - The regular one but they do also have 2 - 3 more varieties of starters. Do check with them.
- Double Dal Takda Fry - Yesh you read it correctly DOUBLE! Tasty is an understatement it had a flavor which we went on arguing about whether it was a taste of Jaggery or Onions.
- Sindhi Kadhi - Dahi preparation Sindhi Kadhi with pakora was good and worth a try.

Now the best part as we are part of Sweet tooth group, waiter comes in and ask what about sweets?
S: Do you have Gajar halwa?
Waiter: Yes we do
V: Get 1 of that.
Waiter: You should also try Rabdi it is our specialty. (with a hint of smile)
N: Yes get that one too
Waiter: What about Gulab jamun?
S: Is it hot?
Waiter: yes
V: *3 second thought* Get one of that also.

And I must say we did not regret it. Overall experience was priceless but cost us Rs. 350 each.

If you are not a veggie hater this is a must try place...they have opened up at lots of places but this is the real deal

Mumbadevi Commercial Centre, 51-53
Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400002
022 22420215
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