Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purepur Kolhapur - Non - Veg Heaven

Meeting up with people at Wagh Bakri tea place at around 8 pm we decide to go to Purepur Kolhapur and to be honest I have never heard of this place before. Just near the famous Parleshwar Temple in Vile Parle East there is a big Milestone made with Kolhapur written over it and 0 KM which says you are at the right place.

After 6 of us enter and look at the menu we see only one veg item on it which is Veg Thali so to all the veggies around please you can avoid this place and for the meat eaters do enter without thinking twice just make sure you handle the spicy food.

Getting down we ordered Chicken Rassa Thali, Chicken Fry Thali, Egg Thali which comes with Egg Curry,
Pandhara Rassa [white curry] (unlimited), Tambada Rassa [red curry] (unlimited), Pulav / 2 Chapatis and yes the spiciest of the food is Egg Curry. No, they will not customize the thali for you, take if you want it attitude.

If a thali is too big for you try out a-la-carte which is a better option as in the end you tend to waste the Tambada Rassa and Pandhara Rassa.

Check out the menu here

Note: You don't get fish item here...
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Anonymous said...

Purepur Kolhapur @ vile parle east is excellent place to have authentic kolhapuri food.
They have also started sea food which is againg have awesome taste.
value for money place. One should visit.