Thursday, May 13, 2010

Places to Eat in Gurgaon

Almost 2 weeks in Gurgaon being single and with a small kitchen one cannot try out everything at home so decided to go out and eat, luckily staying near a busy place, I have access to lots of malls and food joints with walk of just 10+ mins. Few places which we went to eat are as follows:

It is a bakery which also has a restaurant in it. Place has a bit wooden rustic feel to it. Ohh! the important part this place closes at 10 PM as one day we discovered. It is located bang opposite Sahara Mall (you would have to cross the road). It is more of a continental place which also has bit of Chinese, Thai and Mongolian also. We ordered one Mongolion Rice and Thai Curry with Rice. The taste is not authentic but no complains as the masala were added in the right amount. The cost factor, here comes the big bomb, almost all dish will cost you Rs. 250+taxes. Which surely is pretty expensive. Yes, it has self service order your food pay your bill and remember what you have ordered coz they will shout out the food name. In the bakery the must try thing should be Chocolate XS Pie...creamy and rich.

Saalsaa Salsa:
Located in Sahara mall this place caters to all the mexican loving foodies. The place can entertain around 30 patrons and the menu is quite large, we decided to go for the Chicken Meal Combo number 2 which gave you Fajitas, Nachos, Chimchangas and Tex Mex Rice. For one this is a good enough meal but for 2 hungry people not enough and the cost is around Rs. 315 + taxes. The food was good and not very spicy. I cannot add anything to it.

Located just next to Bisque, this place has lot of variety of food and a place to chill and eat, they do have a hookah bar also. We wanted to try out some sizzlers so got ourselves a whole nonveg sizzling platter which had Chicken, mutton, fish and prawns with a good brown sauce. The dish was of reasonable quantity and cost around 500 + taxes.

Also went to 2 dhabas one for non veg and other for veg.

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