Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wengers - The Pastry Shop

Located in the heart of Delhi aka CP aka Connaught Place this place was recommended by many of our Delhi friends and being a Sunday we walked into Wengers, the place is a typical bakery which on your left are sandwiches, croissants, rolls etc. On your right will be pastries, swiss rolls, chocolates and cakes.

We were said that Prawns Sandwich should be tried and we got the last piece left on the shelve at 7 pm. Well the taste was ok and we did not get any main flavors of Prawns and it being cold due to mayo sauce did not auger well that much.

Then we tried the Lemon Swiss roll and english donut, Swiss roll was ok really ok which we had to leave it half way and english donut was good with filling of jam in it.

It is one place worth a try, we might go another time and try out few other items.

Wenger & Co.
A-16, Connaught Place
New Delhi - 110001
Tel - 2332-4594 / 4403 / 4373
Fax - 23352142


Prasad N said...

Wengers is a favorite of office goers in CP. I have some very fond memories of their patties and cakes since childhood. It is one of the things that delhiwallas miss when not in delhi.

Vishiiii said...

Hey Prasad,

Thanks for the update....hope you liked my blog.


sm said...

dont know about it
but thanks for sharing.

Akshita said...

can seem to get them on the phone, anyone know their hours?

Vishiiii said...

Hey Akshita,

I think they are open till 10 but i doubt all the stuff will be available then, coz only last piece of Prawn sandwich was available at 7 pm.