Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vapour - Microbrewery

Vapourise yourself
With 20% discount coupon in our hand we end up going to Vapour a Microbrewery in Gurgaon MGF Mall. As we reach the door we are said by the receptionist that the place is full and clearly I can see 10 tables empty....when asked they said people are expected and you should have a reservation. As only 2 were there we were allowed to go to the rooftop
For me that was the only bad experience and after that it went uphill.....the brewery has 4 kinds of Beer Premium, Dark, Wheat and Light.
Premium was Good, Wheat tasted like a todi (drink made from coconut) and Dark which was really Good. Well light was not available. The beer cost was Rs. 185 for 500 ml without taxes.
If you like Hindi and Punjabi music do go in party room and if you like good ol rock music go to the rooftop.
They also have hookahs and bbq's which are basically ok and service is quite good.
After good 4 hours of music, beer and hookah I was pretty impressed and yes the girls are really hot.
Vapour, 2nd floor, MGF Mega City mall, Gurgaon
Mobile number: 9810690973,9582555614.
Tel number: 0124-4222313
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