Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Angels in My Kitchen - Some were missing that day

After a good dinner in Sagar Ratna, we ended up going to Angels in my Kitchen with reference of Deepak Sharma. The bakery is on ground floor and a food joint is upstairs. We went there only for desserts and we had that...the place had lot of bread stuff, french hearts, mousse, cakes and pastries.

We ordered Going Nut, Chocolate Envision, Blueberry Cheese Cake and Tiramisu.

1. Going Nut: It is a chocolate pastry with lots of nuts inside and outside of it, if you go by the name but there were few of them and it had not so sweet taste. The icing inside was nice.
2. Chocolate Envision: The cake looked like a dutch truffle from outside and had some white chocolate bits over it. Overall it was not the best but decent enough.
3. Blueberry Cheese Cake: Came in a plastic cup, saw something like this for the first time and the blueberry was not sweet but sour. Destroyed the whole amazing feel to it.
4. Tiramisu: No one can ever go wrong with a Tiramisu but for the first time i tasted a bitter and yellow coloured Tiramisu...if you have an option you can avoid it.

I must have gone on a wrong day where nothing was that great...maybe next time somewhere else.

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