Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eggsunday - Eggie Affair

Located opposite Mega Mall in Lokhandwala this place only serves you eggs and egg related recipe. I was on my way to home and saw this place, turned around got in.

The place is quite big in terms of roof size so it is roomy and bright. Seating of only 20 odd people.

The menu consists of Sandwiches, Salads, Mini Lunches, Starters, Main Course, Omelets etc etc. Well it was only 7 pm and I just had Donuts from M.O.D so was not that hungry. But had to try something different and it was Cheesy Baida Roti which won my vote.
Almost Finished Cheesy Baida Roti

Cheesy Baida Roti is just a roll with Omelet and cheese rolled with extra masalas added in it. Taste wise when cheese and some red pepper were in the same bite it was amazing otherwise bland. The green chutney was nice.

They serve you Omelets with 4 bread slice, butter and hash brown which people on the other table were eating.

The cost is tad bit expensive but if you are hungry and want something healthy you can just come here sit and enjoy some eggs. 
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