Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Indian Harvest - Foodie Blogger Meet

Indian Harvest located in Acres Club in Chembur came as a delightful surprise for me as I generally have being to bars and lounges only in Chembur. This place has an amazing decor, it is bright and hint of yellow lights just proper.
Well Stocked Bar of Indian Harvest

It was the second foodie blogger meet and my first with some super amazing foodie bloggers, see the link below.
Curry Spice:

The owners Satyen and Meher Dasondi who are Industry experts for very long had created a special menu specially for us and big thanks to Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal who organized the meet for us.
There are 2 kinds of seating, Indian (which is sit on the floor kind and eat) and the regular dining table. We took the on the floor seating and were asked for an option of Veg or non veg which came as a surprise to me but after gathering my wits I came to know there was a option but in the end it did not matter as most of us were non-veg except one.

I got introduced to Chakli Hummus (which I already suggested to my mom for diwali), it is just a simple starter Chakli in the bottom, and hummus sauce on it. Just small enough to fit in your mouth in one bite.

Then we got a plate of starters which were Murg Aur Makkai Gujiana, Gosht Ke Dahi Barre, Rajasthani Methi Churan Bhindi and Kombdi Patra Hirvi Chutney. Do not be scared by the names in simple translation it was Chicken and Corn with noodles kind of coating, second was Mutton and Curd cutlet (super delicious), third was friend bhindi and last but not the least it was Chicken Patra (a non-veg version of a super gujju snack).

Then came in the best part 3 shot glasses of soups, another amazing concept but in general they give it in a bowl. It was Tamatar Vadi Rasam, Palak Feni Shorba and Aab Dhania Murg. First one was Rasam with mini vada, second was palak soup with a small hint of feni and coconut and third was mix of chicken, coconut milk and coriander. All the three had their uniqueness and there was no unanimous decision on which one was the best. But if you are out there go for any of the three you will not be disappointed.

Then came in the main course Aloo Makhana Chettinad, Murg Parda, Dal Makhani and Ananas Aur Paneer Ka Malai Kundan again we were all in awe when we saw such different variety come out Chettinad was fried potato with chettinad curry, Chicken dish was a something different not too much gravy but enough and the fourth one was brilliant just I cannot describe the taste but when I go there next time definitely going to order it.

I forgot about the Ghost Do Pyaza Narangi which was a succelent piece of meat cooked in Onion and Orange marmalade.

By this time we were so full that there was no space left but no we still had 2 dishes left one was the Biryani which seriously I cannot comment as my stomach was full and palate satisfied. They call it the Bhatkali Biryani something not many heard of.

The final hurrah was the sweet which was kept as a suprise till the end it was a Spicy Sweet theplas, yes Theplas. Super duper amazing.

If you are fan of trying out new things then this is the place to go and do not be scared to try anything as you will be surprised that something like this exists.

Indian Harvest
Gate no.1,Acres Club,Hemu Kalani Marg.
telephone:022-65169339; 022-65169338

22-65169339; 022-65169338
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