Monday, December 13, 2010

La kebabiya - Lunch Buffet

Near my new office there are lots of eating joint located and one is Le Kebabiya located opposite Hyundai showroom in Lokhandwala.

When I went there last time it was for drinks and hookah and IPL matches but did not know it serves you Lunch buffet also. Colleagues were planning to go for Friday Buffet and i tagged along.

The place is bit cramped in terms of space but the spread is nice which is written down.
Soup (veg and non veg) we got Manchow soup
8 starters (4 veg and 4 non veg). The good part about the starters was they were prepared only after guest arrive so we would get them hot and nice. The best of all was Malai kebab which was soft and tasty. Also there are 2 chinese in the starters and 4 Indian and 2 Mexican. The waiters serve it to you so you do not have to leave the table again and again.

Then there was main course which had 12 dishes in total out of which there was Mexican, Italian and Indian again....the buffet is such a risky deal if you are lucky you can get the best or the worst. But we had an 50-50 deal in terms of quality and taste.

The best of the lot was the dessert, we had 5 flavors of Ice Cream, Chocolate Souffle and Firni which was super duper tasty.

All in all for Rs. 325 without taxes on Friday it is a good deal if you want to sleep at work.

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