Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pratap Da Dhaba

This place has being in New Oshiwara Link road for a very long time and my last visit was some 3 years back. But today there was a surprise lunch party and we all zoomed to The Dhaba. This place has changed its name quite a few times but the decor and menu have remained the same.

There is an a/c sitting and non a/c sitting which can accommodate around 80+ people which is quite good. But as we decided a place to sit we found a cockroach basking itself and it was a bad start. Finally decided on sitting in a cleaner place, we were divided into veg and non-veg eating section.

We started off with ordering starters such as Kukkad Sheekan, Kukkad Achari and Kukkad Tandoori (do not be confused Kukkad = Chicken). After waiting for almost half an hour the starters came in and we all started devouring Kukkad Piece by piece (the food was not hot but no one complained because we were already late). The Kukkad Tandoori was nice and succulent with not much colour and Achari was supposed to be tangy it was anything but. The good part is quantity is quite large for 5 chicken eating people everyone had 2 piece for themselves.

We ordered for main course which was Adraki Kukkad, I thought it would be bit spicy again they mellowed it down big time. It was good to taste but nothing near what the name is. Again good quantity.

Sorry, I am not writing anything about veg food as I did not taste it but I guess it was good as no one complained.

In the end we had Paan Shots....dunno what exactly it is if you go there in the end ask for Paan Shots it is complimentary.
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