Tuesday, February 1, 2011

China1 - mmm OK!!!

Located just next to Grillopolis, I think they share the same wall, is a new Chinese place called China1 which opened up recently ie in Jan 2011 and lot were written on the billboard and banners on the Link Road. It was republic day and was meeting up with a friend who loves Chinese not the Indian Chinese though, well after reading all the billboards I said why not try this.

First of all they have a big waiting area outside which can hold a mini party of 15 people and inside it is all white and black. The ceiling is huge and place is well spread out. So it has a good feel, but I still did not understand why were they playing Titanic OST. If they say that it kinda brings you near China we should be hearing Chinese flute and other Chinese music. Well just my thought.

In afternoon they have buffet and in the evening it is a la carte. We were escorted to our seats and were asked what would we prefer for drinks which was Iced Tea and Juice.

We were first served some hot steamed veg dumplings and then chicken dumplings, this was the first time I saw through the dumpling skin they were super thin and we said "mmmm...not a bad start" then came another super starter (forgot the name) it was again dumpling skin with minced chicken cooked in soya sauce. It was the really really tasty.

Then we had to get up and get some main course, they had separated the veg and non-veg section and I actually did not see veg section at all. Non - veg had 5 starters Chicken, Fish, Prawns, lobster and Crab out of which Lobster in black bean sauce was great and fish was amazing other were just OK fair.

Then for main course was Lamb in black sauce and shredded chicken with the regular fare of rice and noodles. Everything was basic nothing to talk about.

Deserts was a big let down nothing was right.......not the best blueberry cheese cake, tiramisu was OK, souffle was just fine.

The overall cost for 2 was Rs. 1200 which is pretty OK in what they serve, Mainland China will serve more and maybe better at same cost.
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