Friday, October 15, 2010

Aloo Kachori - Agra

It was a pretty decent Sunday October morning in Agra temperature hovering around 25 degrees celcius and right opposite our hotel was a place known as Pappu Kachori at Baluganj road opposite Lavania Villas.
Kachoris In the process
We were walking randomly in Agra and we asked where can we find an awesome breakfast he pointed us the place from where we started.
The Team
The place is just 8 x 8 place where inside 1 person is filling up the dough, 2nd person rolling up the dough in small circles and putting them in hot oil and 3rd person taking order from hungry junta. This is the first time I have seen a complete process of Kachori making it just looks like you are making Puri. But here they have to be cooked for a longer time. People are getting stressed, hungry, more people join in. And outside I see the 4th person making Jalebis and almost everywhere in India people do not say no to Jalebi in the morning. But for the first time I have seen them it having with Aloo Bhaji yes Jalebi mixed with Aloo Bhaji.
People waiting for the Kachori
Finally after 20+ min wait we get hot hot kachoris in our hands with Aloo bhaji curry in a small bowl. You have to crack open the Kachori let the heat out and dip it in the curry and enjoy it. Note: the curry is a spicy mix of red chilly powder, pieces of green chillies and other masalas. The 75+ odd kachoris got over in 10 mins.
We had 4 Aloo kachori, 1 dal kachori and 2 bowls of Jalebi total bill Rs. 36 and satisfaction priceless

The final product photograph were not taken as we were very very hungry and ate it. 
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Anonymous said...

quite economical price you paid for the aloo and Lilva Kachori

Pakistani Classified said...

Its a taste food.This is nice blog.