Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Deals -

This is my first website review which actually has some awesome deals on restaurants with 50% to 90% discount so here it goes.

With food inflation at almost 17% going out for dinner is an expensive option at good places or wanted to gift my girlfriend a good massage or spa but one time visit is super expensive or want to beat stress join a gym but do not know which one is good try out for a month at throwaway price.
These are the things which I always think about before going out or gifting someone. And after surfing on the net (which is practically I do 10+ hours a day) I stumbled upon a website called SnapDeal

The funda is very simple and very clear, they give away discount coupons for eatery places, watering holes, spas, haircut saloons or gyms.

All you have to do is:
  • Buy the coupon in the city which you stay in (currently they have 11 I think they are adding more)
  • The deal is on for mostly 48 hours+  and offer period is mostly for a month.
  • If you like the deal then click on the big red Buy button and pay via Internet/Credit card etc
  • Make sure you look further down where you will see how much you have to pay to the merchant. How this helps is the initial amount is low and even if you do not go to the merchant your money is not wasted.
  • When the deal is live take a printout of deal before time runs out.
  • One important thing I have learned is you should read all the details before buying.
  • The good part is the call center is always there to help you or you can chat to the customer service that is always ready to help you.
I have checked out few other website similar to snapdeal but the interface is very user friendly and no learning curve.
Ohh! Ya and they do give your first deal free with their code which you receive once you sign up with them. So when you buy something you get the deal as free for the first time but you should be entering your name and details after entering the Promo code.

Currently bought my sister a Swedish Massage deal @Tress Talk.
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