Saturday, October 16, 2010

Khan Chacha - Kebabs that you will not forget

As you go up the stairs you can hear some hindi songs playing and as you reach the top you see lot of people starring at the LED indicator and waiting eagerly for some number to pop up. And as soon as the number is displayed on the screen they run towards the kitchen as if a kid is given a big candy. And come out with a big tray and multiple plates of Kababs and Rolls.

Yes the name of the place is Khan Chacha located in Khan Market and almost crowded till the last minute. This is not a regular place your order and food comes to your table. But you have to look up the menu get confused on what to order for a few minutes, order a roll or a kabab at bill counter and give the bill to the man behind the glass door and wait.

Just stare at the LED screen and when your bill number is displayed show the bill to the guy behind the glass window and they will give you the food what you have ordered. Get the food to the table and then just breathe slowly and take a bite of whatever you have ordered and I must say you must not have tried anything soft and tasty meat. The chutney provided with it compliments it so well that you will try to finish it with the kebab and want more.

One of the most decently priced place in one of the most pricey locality. And if you want to just lighten your wallet go to Big Chill for some pastries.

A must visit place when you are in Delhi and order anything, everything in the menu taste really good..
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