Friday, February 18, 2011

San Churro - Chocolate Fantasy..maybe

Spanish churros with hot chocolate.Image via WikipediaLocated bang opposite Red Box this place is known to be very very chocolaty and after enjoying last day of Kala Ghoda we pushed towards San Churro just for Chocolate as we were not hungry.

As you enter there it feels like a small place with big chocolate counter and few seats which was already taken but later we came to know that a stair leads up to a big space where seats are placed far enough from each other.

We had ordered for famous Churro mini where we get hot Churros with one sauce of our choice (White, milk or dark), 7 layered Chocolate Pastry and Paneer sandwich as my friend suddenly got hungry. You can place the order at the counter or go up have a seat and give the order to the waiter.

The churros came in and the pastry too, as it was our first experience of what churro is, it was pretty good except I wanted the chocolate to be hot too. So we finished off the Churros and the cake with 7 layer was quite heavy for one person and luckily we were four still it was too much. Sandwich was pretty OK.

Total cost was Rs. 400 which was OK for a one time visit, we still have to enjoy the hot chocolate and also few other things. The menu was not that extensive, that is what my friends felt.
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