Sunday, July 20, 2008


Have being thinking of doing this for a very very long time but could not make my lazy ass and mid to start working on it.

Well as the blog name suggests it is that I am "FOND OF FOOD" and can enjoy it anywhere (my mum can vouch for it). If the place looks decent enough I might go in and have some of it if very hungry. Sometimes I do take care of my wallet so you would not find a hi-fi ultra expensive restaurant in my list but some will be bit expensive to the cheapest one which I go regularly.

I have a taste of both veg and non-veg but kinda avoid eating beef and pork (my limitations till now) but who knows I might even start that.

I also don't like to take photographs of what I eat (coz i don't carry a camera everywhere) so at times references might be copied.


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SheR. said...

Hm... the food sounds yummy!
You are so lucky!