Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kerala House - Lunch

After the dinner experience me and K always wanted to check out the lunch. As in their hotel there was a photo which displayed that food were served in Banana Leaves and we always like south indian food that way.

We reach Kerala House during lunch time and we had to buy coupons when asked how much for 3 people...he calculated in his mind and said Rs. 120 (that becomes Rs. 40 for each person), and we added Chicken Fry to it which Rs. 60 for 2 pieces per plate.

We entered looking at peoples plate as we search for a place to sit. As we sit down the plates come in and after some waiting the rice starts its way towards us (though i am not fond of plain rice that much but i kind of made an exception for this). Few moments later see a bucket with Sambar in it and I gleefully let him pour the sambar in my plate. Then came our favorite part Chicken Fry so my combination was Rice, sambar and chicken.

After having double serving of rice...we almost fell sleepy....and with Rs. 100 for the whole meal it was just worth it.

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Mansi Desai said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I love that kashmiri dum aloo too, and I'm glad it brought back happy memories for you:)