Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Konkan Swad

This restaurant is being for long in Goregaon (precisely 6 years), it is run by a South Indian but serves really delicious Konkan fares.

When it first opened up my heart said that lets go and check it out but as I did not know what to order and what not to order. Luckily friends used to come to my place and one was a Konkani and we decided to try it out.

First experience was that food is way too hot and I could not handle it...almost had 4 glasses of cold water that time.

Even after 6 years the taste is still the same and had my favorite Chicken Masala Fry with 4 chappatis. Ended with half plate rice and chicken rasa....the bill cost was Rs. 105/- which I find a fare deal if my stomach is full.

Where: Right at the junction of M.G. Road and Link Road (Goregaon)
When to go: Make sure you go during weekdays as weekends I always find hordes of people just waiting for a bite.
Ambiance: It is ok if not many people around you would be in peace and enjoy the meal.
Food: Typically Konkani food with variety of fishes, chicken, prawns, mutton and vade included. During weekends they also have crabs (which i have not yet tasted)
Value for money: It sure is worth it...not as expensive as Mahesh Lunch Home and would not hurt your wallet much.

Verdict: 4/5


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