Monday, July 28, 2008

Village - Place for Large Group

I had always suggested my friends to go to Village as they have awesome appetite and they went 4 times before i went for the first time with my cousins. All kids were happy and chirping and they say they would enjoy the big place and play around.

We all drove to Kandivali Raghuleela Mall, and then walking through hoards of peoples and shops into a zig zag path reaching Village. As soon as you enter you feel like you have come to small small village with trees and brownish colour everywhere, which i think does not exist anywhere in India but we were here to have fun.

There were clothes and bags for display wuhich one could buy from and also there was a guy making pots, which i later came to know that you pay him and they will also teach you to make pot.

Enter the main restaurant you are greeted with hostess and host checking in your coupon and letting you in.

You find yourself a big Charpai (village style sitting) and settle in. First task is to go around and check whats on the menu which is almost the same most of the time. After roaming around which almost takes 5 - 7 mins and deciding on what you want to eat and in which order. Grab a plate and go to the counter and fill your plate.

Suggestion: Make sure you dont eat one thing alot coz you might miss out on few things.

So the menu card goes like this
1. Dosa
2. Bhel Puri
3. Idlis
4. Corn
5. Pav Bhaji
6. Golas.
7. Sugar Cane Juice
8. Punjabi Dishes
9. Gujju Dishes
10. Marwadi Dishes
11. Hell lots of sweets.

And then there are puppet performance where you can just leave your kid and you enjoy the food (thats what my cousins did). And live orchestra will play with dandiya and garba adding to the mix which makes it delightful to watch and play.

So if you are a couple make sure you dont go and if a big group of 10+ then give it a shot.

Again for Rs. 300+ VFM for fun and food.

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