Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kerala House - Dinner

My first hand experience of Keralite food was in Udaya Restaurant a hotel in Chembur just near the station. That place also had chinese and other cuisines served with beer so all in all a typical Mumbai Restaurant but with Keralite Dishes also.

My second experience was in Kerala House - Vashi next to Raghuleela Mall. (not next but down the road towards Vashi Gaon) a blue tiled building with 3 floors. We were first introduced to that place by our colleague R who is from Kerala and at times after leaving office he used to go there for dinner. We got curious and interested about what the food is like and what's the cost. So we joined R for my second experience of Keralite Food. (here it goes)

This place serves Chicken Curry, Fish Curry, Veg Curry, Appam, Parotha, Rice, Chicken Fry, Fish Fry and Kappa (a tapioca based vegetable). Thats it for the menu....when you enter the building you would have to ask the guard where they have set up the hotel you enter a big room with massive tables and chairs waiting for you. A young guy well dresses in shirt and pant (i was sad that..they should come with lungi and kurta, would have made it more authentic) and when we asked what they serve pat came the reply with the stuffs which I have written above. So instantly we ordered Chicken curry, fish curry, appams and parotha, everyone says that Keralite food is spicy and I am the one who does not like spicy food much but I dared. Food was served in minutes as they have it already prepared and we started eating like people who did not have food for a very long time and it was spicy (but the spiciness meter changes from day to day), and as R says the food also taste like home to which we were happy that we are getting authentic food.

After first round of Curries we ordered another round but added Chicken Fry to it, and do our surprise Chicken fry was nice freshly made and hot. Eating and clearing up each bowl we were stuffed to the limit and now waiting for the bill which made us think it would come around Rs. 600+ but to our surprise 2 Fish Curry, 1 chicken curry, 8 appams, 2 parotha, 1 chicken fry and 1 plate of rice costed us only Rs. 240 which when we saw had to recheck whether they did a mistake and after that point this has being our favorite place for cheap food.

Thanks R for such a wonderful discovery.

Truly value for money and also beware of the warm water they serve (take a bottle of bisleri with you to enjoy the food at its max)

Hotel timing - 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

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