Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jimmy Boy - A bit boyish it was

This post is done by Kaiwan Yezdani (my foodie colleague and friend) which i have copied on my blog.

To start with, i went there on the Parsi new year. So i guess the place was a little bit crowded...

What did i eat?
Lagan nu Bhonu

What is that?
Some saria (waffles)
Laganu nu achaar
3 Rotis
1 Piece of Paatra ni Macchi OR 1 piece Saas ni macchi
1 Portion Salli murgi OR salli ghosht
1 serving chicken / mutton pulao
Lagan nu custard.

What did i drink?
Raspberry soda.

Average. Just one serving (in parsi weddings u can take as much u like and the caterers charge nearly the same.)

475 Non veg
350 Veg

The fish was good, but the salli murgi was a let down. Pulao was just OK. Nothing great. Biggest disappointment was the lagan nu custard; it was as hard as broon pao.

Maybe because the place was packed or maybe because we were 11 of us but the service was very poor. I was literally coordinating with the waiters on what needs to be served, what orders are pending, etc. The Parsi Uncle taking the orders was very soft spoken and slow at things.

For some one who is dying to have good patra ni macchi without going to a parsi wedding then this is the place.

Would i go again?
No i had enough

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