Monday, August 24, 2009

Fishland - Hyderabad

My first visit to Hyderabad and was high on having Chicken Biryani, after going to Osman Sagar and doing some nature walk, garden next to Hussain Sagar we decided to check out for some Biryani, friend who has being staying in Hyderabad for last 3 years.

We end up going to FishLand in Ameerpet which is on first floor and also have Special Andhra Thali in the afternoon from Monday to Saturday.

Being a Saturday, we were scared we would not get place to sit and there would be waiting luckily got seats for 3 as soon as we got in. The menu was mix of Chinese and Muglai food. So the veggie guy went for Paneer Chilly which we had a bite in, Paneer was soft and spiciness was proper. We ordered for Tangdi Kabab and Fish Tikka.

Fish Tikka was soft and could be cut by toothpick and was a bit spicy and tangy which i liked and quantity was around 8 - 9 big chunks of Fish Pieces. Tangdi Kabab was juicy but had a lil bit more pepper than intended.

As we were all full by the Starters coz of the huge quantity which i always like in a hotel, we planned to have only one Veg Dish which was Baby Corn Mushroom Masala a typical fare nothing to write about.

Service was a bit lethargic as they forgot the Masala Papad which i had ordered with the veggies and the waiters were too in a holiday mood.

But let that not deter you from going there coz food is tasty and in good quantity.

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