Monday, August 17, 2009

Mocha Mojo - Old Place New Theme

Once upon a time Cafe Mocha was an hangout place for me in Bandra due to their super lazy service and not bugging attitude. So if you want to sit with a cup of coffee for hours together you can do that without anyone realizing you are there.

Now after reopening with a new name Mocha Mojo has the almost same Menu as Cafe Mocha except beer replacing Hookah but the decor has being wowed up. The place has super cool ambience which was lacking previously and the seats are uber cool with Ambassador dicky as your soft cushion seat. Walls being painted with cartoons and lighting almost perfect does not hurt the eyes much.

Food and Drinks: Did not have any during the recent visit except the good ol' Junior Chocolate Avalanche which is chocolate filled mug of Brownie, ice creame, and lots of other thing. It has still retained the same flavor. Tried the Belgium Waffle which was super Yum and melted in my mouth as i had them. Given with Maple Syrup, whipped cream and butter surely not a place for people who are on diet. As it was a hot day we tried Berry Blast which was a slush of Rassberry, Black Currant and Strawberry and also tried Currant Cooler, the glasses have being replaced with the jars and i was shocked when i saw it in a nice way.

The beer options are also good tho' did not have any.

Good place to chill out and just talk without being disturbed by waiters hanging over your shoulder

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