Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raj Bhog - Do you have an appetite.

So it was Monday evening, just about to leave office colleague asks want to go for dinner "a veg dinner" I go "ummm, lemme think, where are you guys going?".
Colleague "we are planning to go to Raj Bhog in Khar."
Me "Unlimited Thaliwala place?"
Colleague "Yes"
Me "Ok, let me call home and say that I am going to eat out."

After an hour we reach Raj Bhog in Khar West near the station.
Complete address Raj Bhog, Cosmos Commercial Centre, 3rd Road, Near Railway Station, Khar (W), Mumbai Phone 26486196

The menu is placed outside the door, we enter a well lighted and not so spacious restaurant which has 2 floors the upper floor is smaller but i guess saturday and sunday's it will might be full. As we check the menu the plates comes in with 7 katoris.

We started by getting Tomato "Sweet" Soup, which could have being definitely be passed as just by having 2 spoons of it, I thought it would be better to wait for other options to come in.

Then after a while remaining stuff started pouring in.
1. Raj Bhog (a deep fried food with aloo filling)
2. Dhokala
3. Aloo Capsicum
4. Sweet Dal
5. Kadi
6. Spicy Dal (which was not spicy)
7. Roti or Phulka
8. Puri
9. Khichdi
10. Rice
11. Basundi (Desert)
12. One more sweet forgot the name.

So if you do like things bit sweet in your food then it is the place for you. As it was my first time i kinda had almost everything once and enjoying 3 bowls of Basundi.

So after 1 hour with our stomach full and even more, we all got tired and decided to head back home which was the most difficult task to do.

Damages: Rs. 160 per person which i think is ok if you do come here once in 6 months. All in all VFM coz it is unlimited and person with awesome appetite will surely enjoy it.

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