Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sammy Sosa - Mexican they say

It was Rakhi on 5th August and on the 4th i was searching out for new places on near where i stay. Turns out a new place just opened up called Sammy Sosa which was a mexican joint.

Me and my sister reached there by 9 pm and luckily got a place there. It is a 2 deck place and i guess not more than 30 can be seated at a time. People can wait outside and can place orders during the waiting period.

The alcohol is quiet cheap and we got one on one offer for Whyte and Mackay Whiskey which we grabbed with both hands. The place look and feel is really cool you can play UNO while waiting for the order and the lighting is super cool. Not too dark not too bright really perfect.

As i like to try out new things in the menu we went for Charmulla Chicken which was described as chicken satay with green african herb paste. And it turned out to be really good as it went down well with the whiskey.

Second in line was some Chicken Quesadilla Fella, basically cooked chicken and stuffed between the roti and as it was taking time the owner gave us some Tortilla Chips which were really tasty and crispy.

Third one and the finale was Loco Stuffo Chicken, chicken stuffed between the potatoes and with some mexican sauce which was really tasty.

I would definitely go another time and try out something new.

VFM place

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